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HIS Neuro Nadi Tajweed Module complements the Neuro Nadi Tamhid Module in the Basic Fundamentals of Learning The Quran material. It contains 10 chapters that stresses upon the basic principles with practical recitation exercises in learning and teaching the tajweed.
One's ability to master the fundamentals of Quranic recitation with proper tajweed heavily relies upon how much the person masters the :
  • MAKHRAJ of letters which are the places of exit of hijaiyyah letters or points where the letters are produced that differentiates it from others.
  • RECITATION TECHNIQUES when each hijaiyyah letter interacts with the letter that follows it for example when the letter Nun and Mim interact with other hijaiyyah letters in the Quran.
  • WAQAF SIGNS in the Quran which are the punctuation or pause marks for recitation.
The Neuro Nadi Tajweed Module concentrates on the basic fundamentals of Quranic recitation and basic tajweed rules while avoiding students from memorizing complex tajweed theories. This approach, with Allah's will, could provide a better result for someone who wish to master the basics of tajweed in a short period of time. 
The basis of learning approach used throughout this module is practical tajweed. Each type of recitation and tajweed rule is presented in an easy to understand learning arrangement while concentrating on the basics of each tajweed rule, along with interesting illustrations to facilitate clear understanding. The learning techniques used in the Neuro Nadi Tamhid Module may still be applied by students who need extra drill in improving recitation.
iQueSt Learning Centre's Tajweed Explorace is a practical activity book used together with
Neuro Nadi Tajweed Book to help students understand and apply the concept of tajweed.
To enable one to master the tajweed in a short time frame, one must :
  • Have the intention of learning the tajweed only for the sake of Allah S.W.T. May the knowledge acquired be one of the provisions to the hereafter.
  • Give utmost focus in learning the tajweed as well as increase recitation exercises.
  • Teach the tajweed to other people for example to own children, wife, friends and others to strengthen the knowledge.
Upon completion of the Tajweed Module, students will receive a certificate of participation and will advance to the Talaqqi Am Module.
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