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Intermediate Quran Recitation

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This course is a 6-month programme that serves as a natural progression from the basic Quran recitation course as it involves the learning of Tajweed. It focuses on the introduction of reading principles and the foundation of Tajweed rules in a simple and easy way.

In this programme, students will learn the following:
- The 'Makhraj' (point of articulation) of each characters, specifically where the hijaiyyah characters are produced in the basic reading structure.
- Mastering the reading and pronunciation techniques for characters that undergo significant changes in pronunciation when adjacent to other characters in a verse of the Quran, such as the characters Nun (ن), Mim (م) and others.
- The ability to master 'waqaf' (stop) signs and reading, learning when and how to stop and continue reading.

The approach used in this programme employs practical Tajweed applications for each reading material and short learning structures for Tajweed rules. It focuses on fundamental principles and provides illustrations to enhance students' understanding of specific reading forms and rules.

iQueSt Learning Centre's Tajweed Explorace is a practical activity book used in conjunction with the Neuro Nadi Tajweed Book to help students understand and apply the concept of Tajweed.

A combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, with a focus on reciting Juzuk 30 of the Quran, will instill the confidence in students to read independently.

​Upon completion of the Intermediate Quran Recitation course, students will be awarded a certificate of participation and will progress to the Completion in Quran Recitation course.
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