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Our mission is to offer you comprehensive Fardhu Ain programmes that provide an enriching and profoundly rewarding learning journey. Our aim is to deepen your understanding and connection with Fardhu Ain, nurturing a profound sense of faith within you. These programmes are open to individuals of all backgrounds and ages, ensuring accessibility to everyone.

Pengetahuan Islam

Pengetahuan Islam

Our Pengetahuan Islam programme is designed to offer participants a deep and comprehensive understanding of critical aspects of Islam. This programme draws its primary reference from the books 'Pengetahuan Islam: Akhlak & Fiqh' and 'Pengetahuan Islam: Tauhid & Sirah,' published by Pergas, MUIS. Our programme is divided into four parts: part one encompasses every facet of a Muslim's daily life, from everyday greetings to international relations, part two delves into the knowledge and understanding of the guidance, rules, and the way of life prescribed by Allah for us, part three provides practical guidelines for carrying out daily recommended deeds within the framework of Islamic guidance, part four emphasises the importance of understanding the history of Rasulullah S.A.W and its relevance in the life of a Muslim. This programme is a holistic approach to fostering a deep connection with Islam, equipping individuals with the knowledge and practical guidance to live in accordance with Islamic principles.

Bimbingan Mu'minin.png

Bimbingan Mu'minin

Our Bimbingan Mu'minin programme is designed to provide participants with guidance for understanding and applying Islamic teachings in their daily lives. The programme is centered around the central reference book, 'Bimbingan Mu'minin - Pada Mencari Redha Rabbil-'Alamin'. This programme is divided into two parts: Part one covers a wide array of essential topics, offering participants a comprehensive understanding of Fardhu Ain. Part two emphasises character development and moral shaping. This programme serves as a holistic journey to deepen one's connection with Islam and equips individuals with practical tools for incorporating its principles into their everyday lives.

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