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In Islam, Fardhu Ain refers to obligatory acts that must be performed by each individual Muslim, including prayer, charity, fasting, and pilgrimage.
This programme aims to assist participants with a better understanding and to be more informed on the basics of Islam as a way of life through the study of Akhlak (Morals), Fiqh (Foundation), Tauhid (Knowing Allah) and Sirah (History).
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It provides participants with practical guidelines in carrying out recommended daily practices in accordance with guidance in Islam.
This Fardhu Ain programme is suitable for all levels; those who are just about to start learning, those who would like to revise and those who would like to progress even further.
Our lessons are conducted in Bahasa Melayu and our lesson materials are based on books published by Pergas, MUIS.
There are four main modules in this programme:
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1. Morality in Islam (Akhlak)
This module covers every aspect of a Muslim’s life, from greetings to international relations. 
2. Foundation of Islam (Fiqh)
This module provides the knowledge and understanding of the guidance, rulings and the way of life Allah prescribed for us. It covers the acts of Ibadat (worship) covering on Thoharah (Cleanliness) & Solat. 
3. Knowing & Loving Allah (Tauhid)
This module provides practical guidelines in carrying recommended daily deeds with guidance in Islam.
4. History of Islam (Sirah)
This module covers the Lifestyle of Rasulullah S.A.W. It gives guidelines to the importance of understanding the history of Rasulullah S.A.W and its relationship in a Muslim’s life.
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