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Our goal is to offer you a comprehensive and inclusive Quran enrichment programmes that ensures an engaging and fulfilling learning experience. We aim to elevate your appreciation and love for the Quran, fostering a deep connection within your heart. We welcome individuals of all ages and abilities, as our diverse range of programmes caters to everyone's needs and interests.

Basic Quran Recitation Course.png

Basic Quran Recitation

This course offers a 6-month basic learning of Quran recitation that utilises the innovative Neuro Nadi technique. It is suitable for all individuals regardless of ability and background. It incorporates the technique of reading together with an 'aided learning tool' that stimulate both the right and left brain functions through actively engaging each learner's sight, hearing, speech and movements. This technique has been proven to be effective as it enhances word recognition, boosts recitation confidence and creates an enjoyable learning experience.

Intermediate Quran Recitation Course.png

Intermediate Quran Recitation

This course is a 6-month programme that serves as a natural progression from the basic Quran course as it involves the learning of Tajweed. Using our curriculum, Neuro Nadi Tajweed, we make the learning of the set of recitation rules easier to understand and joyful with practical application so that you can recite Quran the way it should be recited. A combination of theoretical knowledge with practical exercises focusing on the intended recitation of Juzuk 30 of the Quran will instill the confidence of students to read independently.

Completion in Quran Recitation Course.png

Completion in Quran Recitation

This programme offers a 3-year Quran recitation course together with advanced Tajweed course, guided by an experienced teacher. The classes are conducted interactively ensuring a systematic and comfortable learning experience. Throughout the programme you will gain confidence and proficiency, eventually achieving the remarkable milestone of completing the recitation of all 30 Juzuk of the Quran.

Advance Quran Recitation Course.png

Advance Quran Recitation

This is a one-on-one recitation between a student and a certified teacher. It is expected that the student has a sound foundation and application of Tajweed. It is a Quran recitation mastery class focusing on fluency with an estimated completion time of one year and six months for the whole of 30 Juzuk of the Quran.

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