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Do you want to learn conversational Arabic but you don't know where to start?
It may not easy to find a conversational arabic programme that is suitable for beginners and be able to learn at your own pace. 
Here at iQueSt Learning, you can learn Arabic from zero and make your way to be a fluent Arabic speaker, InshaAllah.
You will learn the basics of Arabic for everyday situations which will come in useful on trips to the Middle East, or to just understand the language better. 
Once equipped with the basics from this programme, you will be able to understand, engage and communicate in Arabic at the airport, ordering food and many more.
Our programme will equip you with the conversational practices of Arabs, learn key and important phrases and words that are commonly used. Our conversational Arabic programme will give you the necessary vocabulary and confidence for you to converse with others in Arabic.
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To enable one to master the arabic language in a short time frame, one must :
  • Have the interest and intention of learning the Arabic language only for the sake of Allah S.W.T. May the knowledge acquired be beneficial and will eventually lead us to success in the final abode.
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