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Unlock the Joy of Learning Arabic at iQueSt Learning

Discover the joy of learning Arabic through immersive conversations at iQueSt Learning. Our Conversational Arabic programme makes language acquisition fun and effortless. Gain the confidence to speak Arabic confidently and apply it in your daily life.


  • Immersive Approach: Experience the joy of learning Arabic through conversational practice and real-life applications.

  • Boost Confidence: Our programme empowers participants to speak Arabic with confidence, enhancing their communication skills.

  • Practical Application: Learn Arabic that is relevant and applicable to your daily life, making the language more accessible and useful.

Join our Conversational Arabic programme at iQueSt Learning and embark on an enjoyable language learning journey. Surprise yourself with how fun and easy Arabic can be!

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Customized Arabic Enrichment for Madrasah Students


Our Arabic Enrichment programme is tailored to meet the specific needs of madrasah students learning Arabic. We prioritize areas for improvement, accommodating individual learning paces and competencies. With small class sizes, we ensure an efficient and conducive learning environment.


  • Targeted Support: Our programme addresses specific areas where madrasah students require assistance, facilitating their progress in Arabic language studies.

  • Personalized Learning: We understand the importance of adapting to each student's pace and competency level, enabling comfortable and effective learning.

  • Small Class Sizes: With limited class sizes, we create an optimal setting for enhanced participation and efficient learning.

Join our Arabic Enrichment programme and witness accelerated progress in Arabic language learning. Our experienced asatizahs are dedicated to supporting madrasah students on their language journey, helping them excel academically.

iQuest Website 2.0 (15).png
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