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HIS Neuro Nadi Talaqqi Module focuses on the recitation of the Quran. It is designed to allow students to correct and refine their Quran recitation with teachers who went through the chain of authorities (sanad) in Quran recitation. 
There are several levels for the Talaqqi Module:
  • Level 1: Neuro Nadi Talaqqi Am
Recitation of the Quran Juz 30 en masse with the guidance of a teacher.
  • Level 2: Neuro Nadi Talaqqi Khas
Recitation of the Quran Juz 30 alone in front of a Sanad teacher.  
Participants for this class should have these pre-requisites:
  • Participants should have learnt the Neuro Nadi Tamhid and Tajweed or have the basic knowledge in:
    • Makharijul Huruf (Proper articulation of the Arabic letters).
    • Rulings of Nun Sakinah and Tanwin (Tajweed i.e. Idgham, Ikhfa', Iqlab & Idzhar).
    • Rules of Qalqalah.
Upon completion of the Talaqqi Am Module, students will receive a certificate of achievement.
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